3 idiots reflection

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Madhavan suddenly receives a call from Chatur Ramalingam Omi Vaidya claiming that he has found Rancho. He then causes an emergency landing by feigning a heart attack.

3 idiots reflection

This movie shows many lessons in life especially when it comes to education, on how we are going to deal and enjoy it to have a great and successful future.

Actually I already watched this movie 2 years ago but since it was long ago, I thought I forgotten it. But this time on July 28, I watched it again for the sake 3 idiots reflection restoring all the happenings in the movie to write a reflection about it. After I watched, I realized that this movie is worth watching again and again.

And this gave me the chance to express my feelings and reactions about all the things that they have done on the movie. Let me start on introducing the three main characters; Fahran,Raju, and Rancho. These men have different goals in terms of their professions in the future but still they have the same thing on opposing and fighting on what they want.

Each of them has a unique personality and ability to stand and make difference among others. Each one has different family background, different characteristics to the colorful picture of Indian college.

Farhan, Raju, and Rancho brought he audiences with their meaningful lessons. Starting with Farhan, his dream was to be a wildlife photographer.

Since he was a kid his parents always there for him to provide everything he needed in school, until he was in college just to be comfortable as an engineering student.

His parents wanted him to become an engineer, to give pleasure to his family. He gave up his dream and enrolled to the prestigious school as an engineering student. Finally, with the help of Rancho, Farhan realized where does his passion lay, which is being a wildlife Photographer.

Although wildlife photographer cannot bring him as much money compare of being an engineer, but the happiness that it will bring to him cannot replaced by anything.

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Capturing the beauty of life, experience, and nature are one of the best thing that he can portray. I was moved at the moment when Fahran tried to persuade his father to let him follow his passion.

His father silently closed the laptop then, asked Farhan if it could be exchanged for a good camera for his passion, I was almost burst into tear.

The second one is Raju. Raju was born poor and deprivated family. His father got sick leading to huge consumption of money for pharmacy. It is a traditional custom of Indian.

3 idiots reflection

Therefore Raju took the responsibility to help his family out to poverty. He tried to scram for exam but he always came last on exams. His friends Farhan and Rancho never leave him despite all of his disappointment in life. And it is to escape from fear.

Fear about future just prevents him from living well at the present. There was a part at the end that he was given the opportunity to have an interview and was finally helped him win a job in an engineering firm. Then he realized that the real value of life was not found on having lots of money but taking all chances can make it difference and success will take place.

The last one was Rancho, he was the most unique and genius college engineering student in the movie. Every time he appears in the movie he has that extraordinary aura and doings that will inspired every audience to be amazed by him.

He always challenged the old methods of learning presented by Mr. He insisted that learned technology because of passion and never stop searching new things because it can really help you to be more creative, innovative, and a big dreamer to your own small world of living.

Perseverance to learn is a place of enlightens ideas and dedicated love to study. Finally, with his bravery, intelligence, and helpfulness, he has conquered one by one, from Raju to the strict Principal.

Rancho, however, disappeared without saying goodbye to his friends and his lover.

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For me he is a good example on learning the field of technology with passion and perseverance. He loved to study more new things. Being true to yourself will make your world easier and comfortable. Rancho is one of a kind; he never leaved his friends despite of their disabilities in conquering and fighting for their passion, family and life.

He is also beside them like I used to do sometimes to my friends. I really wanted to help them as possible as what I can give and help them.

Rancho also gave me that insight about his most memorable quote that was: Success will follow you.Tonee Marie Gabriel BSN – II. THE THREE IDIOTS Story line: 3 Idiots is an Indian comedy film about three friends — Farhan, Raju, and Rancho — who were taking up Engineering in one of the best universities in India.1/5(1).

The movie 3 idiots is a great film that has opened my eyes to what learning is all about. It has taught me that doing things you don’t like is useless because life is all about doing the things that you enjoy and it is pointless to study what you don’t want instead you should be able to do what your heart desires.

Jul 03,  · 3 idiots (Movie Reflection) by D Spring AM 0 comments movie reflection We were tasked to make a reflection paper on 3 main characters in the movie "3 idiots".

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3 Idiots Reaction Paper. Words Aug 15th, 3 Pages. and “3 Idiots” The education system has influenced our attitude in the reality life.

In fact, school life occupies a large amount in our life, so that there is a huge affectation to our daily life. Reflection Paper Juli J.

McFarland Liberty University May 22, Abstract. The movie 3 idiots is a great film that has opened my eyes to what learning is all about. It has taught me that doing things you don’t like is useless because life is all about doing the things that you enjoy and it is pointless to study what you don’t want instead you should be able to do what your heart desires.

View 3 Idiots' reflection from APM at APU Japan. The value of education in development Development Studies is the composition of poverty, development, and inequalities. Thus, education plays a%(1).

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