An easy road to happiness

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An easy road to happiness

I love bread and pasta and carbs in general and never joined the no-carb diet bandwagon because of my love affair with carbs.

Unfortunately for me, I could not eat store-bought bread in the US, with very rare exceptions, because of a severe allergy to soy. That is, until my wonderful parents sent me a bread machine for my dorm room.

I was so happy to eat bread again and making it fresh every couple of days really opened my eyes to how much better the homemade kind is compared to the store-bought kind. When we moved to Switzerland, I was very excited because Europe is known for having awesome and easily accessible bakeries!

Its true, there are indeed lots of bakeries over here and the bread from the store bakery is top quality.

An easy road to happiness

I have been looking at all the bread recipes on Pinterest and just itching to try them, but it is a bit of a pain if you have to knead it twice and let it rise twice.

Then, I started seeing all these easy crusty no-knead bread recipes. I was a little skeptical at first, but I recently gave in and tried one. Can I just say: This was a serious life-changer for me because its so easy to do and you can spend 15 minutes before you go to bed to prep the dough and then just bake it in the morning when you get up and voila: She has excellent photos and a great forum with answers to all the questions about this recipe; its very helpful.

To start my easy crusty no-knead bread, I gathered up all my ingredients. In the mean time, I combined the flour and salt. Just cover your bowl and let it sit on the counter for 12 — 18 hours or overnight. My glass dish worked just fine. After starting the oven to preheat, I checked my dough to find that it had risen very nicely.

I dumped it out of the bowl onto a well-floured surface and formed it into a ball and covered with plastic wrap. That took about 2 minutes. Then, I just left it on the counter for 30 minutes while the oven pre-heated. After 30 minutes, I used my oven mitts to retrieve the glass dish from the oven, then plopped the bread into it.

Be careful not to touch the pot when you do this because its hot! Then, the bread went into the oven for 45 minutes. After 45 minutes, it will look amazing with a nice cracked crust.

Take off the lid and let it bake 15 minutes more. Take the bread out after the extra 15 minutes with the lid off and let it cool on a baking rack. I like to let bread cool for 10 minutes before cutting it because I find it slices more easily that way.

You can also see her other awesome recipes, including some flavored versions of this easy crusty no-knead bread like rosemary lemon Gruyere and cranberry orange almond. Related This entry was posted in BreadFood and tagged bakingbreadeasy recipesvegetarian by Caroline.

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February 4, at 9: I hope you give it a try one day because it really is so easy to make and have it turn out just like the photos!This week it was reported in the news that the Australian police said they believed a road rage incident and the stabbing of two men in Sydney’s south-west are related.

On Minimalism: Simple Living and the Road to Happiness how minimalism connects to happiness–a state of frequent positive emotions and that it’s not always going to be a simple and easy.

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