Case study in international business environment

The first part of the paper concentrate on the internal and external analysis of the company in the international business environment as well as the extent of globalisation on the company with a detailed report on different organisational structure being implemented on an international scale. The company is considered to be the world number one non-alcoholic beverages company, leading in manufacturing, marketing and distribution of its product concentrate and syrups. Concentrates and syrups are being sold out to bottling companies for final dilutions and packaging to consumers, Coca-Cola Company produces a wide range of about different beverage brands across the world. Although Coca-Cola Company is the world leading non-alcoholic beverages company in the world, its still needs to undertake PESTL analysis to know more about its external environment, precisely the opportunities out there and it competitors so as to maintain its customers loyalty and position.

Case study in international business environment

Until recently, it was characterised by the relative social political stability. For instance, the geographical location of Egypt has damned the nation into relying almost entirely on the River Nile for water. This over dependence prompts the country to establish stable and positive relationships with countries, from which Nile originates and passes.

History teaches that a majority of invaders, traders, came to Egypt through the northeast and, thus, often proceeded further to the East to carry on with their occupation.

Economically, Egypt has been striving towards the opening of its business environment to international trade and investment. However, just like most of its Arabian neighbours, their non-tariff related barriers have increasingly blocked the freedom of international trade.

Though the investment sector has shown considerable amounts of stability, the flows have intriguingly taken a dip, following challenging political and economic issues.

Case study in international business environment

Additionally, the Egyptian central bank has shown its dominance through occasional imposition of policy controls on capital investment and transfers. Indeed, the state dominant financial system has undergone strenuous episodes with undesirable outcomes from the current global financial shocks, exacerbated through domestic turbulence.

It, therefore, conducts an intensive exploration of the country, Case study in international business environment three broad areas: Egypt, formally known as the A.

E, is an Arabic country that straddles across two continents: The country covers a physical area of approximately 1, km2 orMiles2. This area covers approximately 40, km2 that mainly comprises of agricultural farmlands ADB, The rest of the Sahara region, mainly covered by the Saharan Desert, remains under sparse inhabitation.

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It is important to note that the country carries it as one of the oldest historical features than any given modern nation. This follows the fact that Egypt has been continuously under human activity as early as 10,BCE. For instance, the men, responsible for some of the historical features, such as the great sphinx and Giza pyramids, displayed great ancient architectural techniques ADB, Such traces of ancient civilisation reveal just how technologically advanced the Egyptians of past periods had been.

Other old ruins and archaeological sites, such as those in Memphis, Kanak, Thebes, and the Valley of Kings on the outskirts of Luxor present the significant areas of concentration for historical studies and popular cultures.

The Egyptian economical situation stands out as one of the Middle East most diversified cases. Indeed, the presence of major sectors, such as manufacturing and services industries, agriculture, tourism and mining, offer an almost equal production situation.

This follows its significantly sound cultural, military and political influence in the Arab and Muslim word.

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The key drivers of the Egyptian economy lie in agriculture, oil, and natural gas exports, and tourism and media industries Kheir-El-Din, The country also happens to enjoy financial remittances from over 3 million Egyptians abroad. Furthermore, the presence of the manmade Aswan high dam and, thus, LakeNasser turned the River Nile into being more useful in terms of agriculture and ecology.

Indeed, the rapid group of population, following the creation of arable land, has lead to the overdependent resource. The tourism sector happens to be one of the major revenue earners of the Egyptian economy.

However, the sector is currently facing a lot of vulnerability, following a number of manmade and natural shocks as follows.

Secondly, the country is located near a highly radical and volatile Middle Eastern environment, such as the Gaza, Libya, Iraq, and Egyptian unrest. Lastly, the persistent effects of the current global economic crunch happen to trickle down to the weakest part of the economy ADB, The above factors are just some of the reasons that explain the uncertainty that blankets Egypt as an exemplary tourist destination.

Thus, for instance, the end of the historical rift between Israel and Palestine would result from the sector to the greater income generation.

Following drops in local and international terrorism activities and the Gulf War, the sector has begun to pick up and is currently experiencing a constant amount of increased income. The amount of revenue, collected from tourist activities during the same period also increased from 6 to over 11 billion US dollars.

Arguably, the Egyptian tourism sector is dominantly run by the private sector. The government, on its part, generously invests in the improvement of both physical and communications infrastructure in a bid to attract more revenue collection.

Its major revenue channels, however, continues to flow from foreign tourism and taxation from the Marine traffic that uses the Suez Canal. Approximately 3 million Egyptians that stay and work abroad have also had their share of contribution to the economy.

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They do so through occasional and active financial remittances to their families and friends, back at home. Thus, they are responsible for the annual revenue of over USD 7billion in terms of foreign to domestic remittances. Egypt as a country enjoys a further endowment of activities in mining and energy sector.Text Case 5 - Central Europe transformed..

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IN GLOBAL BUSINESS WORLD – A CASE STUDY MURAT KASIMOĞLU1 Ass. Prof. Dr. Çanakkale 18th March University business environment (a paradigm) and new ways of acting (corporate strategies) (Belohlav, within a firm but the international quality study (IQS) has presented findings that show.

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