Essay on should smoking be banned in public places essay

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Essay on should smoking be banned in public places essay

Individuals are faced with the risk of contracting lung cancer, high blood pressure and cataracts among other diseases. As the smoker inhales the smoke, it gets into the lungs directly and other systems of the body.

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Within some period of time, the inhaled smoke causes lung cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke among other diseases.

Both the first-hand and second-hand smokers have exposure to these diseases. Temporary or prolonged exposure can result into the health problems.

Research shows that the chemicals in the cigarettes are very harmful to smokers. There are at least toxic substances and around chemical compounds in cigarettes. The heat produced during smoking breaks down tobacco into harmful toxins.

The products released are very harmful to health. Tar, which is a carcinogen, causes cancer. Nicotine leads to increased cholesterol levels in the body. The carbon monoxide results into a reduction of the oxygen levels in the respiratory tract and the entire body.

COPD are a collection of conditions that is characterized by the blockage of the airflow hence difficulty in breathing. Some of the conditions include chronic bronchitis which is characterized by coughing for 3 months and accompanied with mucus.

Emphysema is the blockage of the air sacs alveoli hence the difficulty in breathing. COPD begins when the functions of the heart declines. This is always between the age of 35 and The final stage if marked by the death of the smoker.

The prevalence of cancer among the smokers is higher than the non-smokers. The cancers include throat cancer, lung cancer, bladder cancer, cervical cancer, cancer of the kidney and mouth cancer.

These are rarely found among the non-smokers. Smoking reduces the level of fertility.

Reasons why smoking should be banned in public places essay

The chemicals narrow the blood vessels that take blood to the reproductive organs. This leads to the organs becoming dysfunctional hence impotence.

Essay on should smoking be banned in public places essay

Mothers that smoke while pregnant give birth to children with low weight and prematurely. Smoking results into bad breath and swollen gums with tainted teeth.

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Smoking also worsens the conditions of asthma and results into body resistance in taking up the asthma drugs. The adverse effects on health due to smoking result into death. S, smoking accounts foror one out of every five dying within one year. Cigarettes smoking in public should be banned.

There are several side effects of permitting smoking in public: Health Effects to the Secondhand Smoker The smoke usually spill over to the people around the smoker at the time of smoking. The inhaled smoke cause the health issues to the secondhand smoke just like the first-hand smoke.

The effects can be tangible, consistent and at time permanent. Whether the exposure is short-term or long-term, the effects of the smoke on health are not reduced.

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It is a disgrace to the secondhand smoke since they never had the intentions of smoking. Some of the diseases are very expensive to treat. Diseases like cancer are expensive to manage and they are also fatal.Smoking should be banned in public places because non-smokers have a right to clean air, and because second hand smoke is more dangerous than actually smoking a cigarette.

However, smoking should not be banned in public places because it is the smoker's choice to smoke just as it is the non-smokers choice not to smoke. Smoking should not be banned in all restaurants. A ban on smoking imposes unnecessary governmental interference in private business, affects business .

Smoking should be banned in public places discursive essay thesis Smoking should be banned in public places discursive essay thesis. November 24, Apr 07,  · Smoking in public places should not only be banned, it should come with heavy penalties, such as outlandish fines, criminal charges and, if possible, public beatings.

Due to the health problems associated with smoking cigarettes, due to smoking being a fire hazard and offensive to non-smokers, smoking in public places should never go under the Location: N Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix, First of all, government should make the smoking illegal by informing people about its harmfulness, the second – prohibit the trade of tobacco for teenagers and the third – establish taxes for smoking in public places.

Essay about Smoking Should be Banned in All Public Places Words | 5 Pages. Smoking Should be Banned in All Public Places Every year thousands of people die because of having cancer or other tobacco related illnesses due to smoking.

Smoking should be banned in public places for and against essay