Geopolitical position of pakistan history essay

From —27, people who entered from Soviet Union into territory now Pakistan held by the British Empireattempted to start a communist revolution against the British Indian Empire. The series of coups known as Peshawar Conspiracy Cases ; the British Empire was terrified after the intelligence on attempted communist revolution in India were revealed to authorities. From —50 and —69, the trade, educational, and cultural exchanges between two countries increased. But the Soviet efforts were undermined by Soviet Union by itself when Soviet criticism of Pakistan's position in the war with India weakened bilateral relations, and many people of Pakistan believed that the August Indo-Soviet Treaty of Friendship, Peace and Cooperation encouraged India invasion of East Pakistan.

Geopolitical position of pakistan history essay

There are some topics in international relations which are confused with geopolitics and this kind of misunderstanding still existed from the starting of the 21st Century.

Geopolitical theory can be defined as the study which analyzes the geography, history and as well as social sciences but with a great deal of reference with spatial politics spatial politics can be defined as terms that just simply simplify and dramatize political based actions and differences of a particular state and as well as patterns of various scales that is these scales can range from local to state to international even.

It can be said that geopolitics is aided by all these three fields of studies. If you will ever have an idea order essay online do not hesitate to contact best essay service. The name geopolitics was given by a Swedish political scientist called Rudolf Kjellen, who taught at the Gothenburg and Uppsala Universities.

Kjellen was the first one to create and develop an organic system of political science and this system was able to provide a systematic and automatic account of the states that were developed. This organic system is based on five dimensions, these dimensions are as follows: This step basically defines the conditions of the state and problems that are being faced by the state and its people but in their geographical elements and characteristics.

This step sees the particular state or country from a sociological point of view. Globalization can be defined as a way that the world is getting interconnected both economically and culturally.

Geopolitical position of pakistan history essay

Globalization is actually the process of economic, technological, political and socio-cultural forces i. The characteristics of globalization are mostly linked with global networking i. There are four dimensions to globalization: As we know that globalization is the process of economic, technological, political and socio-cultural forces.

For example a lot of professors and teachers from any ethnic background are quite ill prepared to handle these multicultural differences. Many Americans attended segregated schools, lived in racially unmixed neighborhoods and were unexposed to people who were substantially different from themselves.

Another example from an organizational environment would be, a manger declines a gift which is offered by a new employee of the company, an immigrant or a person belonging to a different background; who wanted to show his or her gratitude for the job. The manager, who was very concerned about ethics and policies of the company, explained the rules and procedures about not accepting any sort of gifts.

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The employee felt insulted therefore he or she quit their job Waters It must be remembered that globalization plays an important role in diversity as well, because it is because of globalization that diversity is increasing whether it is a state or a country or even an organization.

For example, globalization is one of the reasons why cultural diversity of an organization is increasing and therefore it requires members of the HR department to become more aware of cultural differences that exist so that other managers of the organization can be properly advised to handle situations.

Projects and innovations that have been successful in one country are often duplicated and applied in others. Technically or financially oriented innovators may focus on technological or financial feasibility, unaware of cultures differences that could reduce their success.

Today geopolitics is being viewed by the geographers in a spatial pattern, which is not containable within a national boundary, that is, which has spread worldwide with the help of globalization. The whole world is being viewed as an interdependent system and along with the part of the world which is being shared is called nation — state by the geographers.

There are two geostrategic regions, they are 1 the Maritime; this region is based upon on trade between different nation and 2 the Eurasian Continental Realm, this geostrategic region is more inclined towards interior direction like the Middle East. The author says that in both of these geostrategic regions the Maritime and the Eurasian Continental Realm there are some first order states that is, there are some are some states which are more powerful from the other states Cohen The author also believes that there is some shatter — belts states which divide regions with both the realms.

And it must be remembered that there are some independent states within these realms like Pakistan, India, Vietnam and Thailand. There are some gateways in both the realms that act as the linkage between the realms and the regions which joins them together and this only can be done through globalization.

It is also believed that power is distributed and that power is in a great deal of places and it is changing continuously, but in an integrated system.Pakistan gained independence during the penultimate times of cold war, and the Russian military involvement in Afghanistan had a long history, going back to Tsarist times in the so-called "Great Game" between Russia and Great Britain.

Pakistan's Location on map. Pakistan has a significant geopolitical position as it is situated in a region that is of high grandness due to its political, economic, and strategic position. This part of continent has always been apple of eye for super powers like U.S.A., Great Britain and USSR.

The article initially provides a brief overview about current political situation of Pakistan. Pakistan is a developing country and it is politically unstable but we live in the world where everything is possible. "Geo Political Importance Of Pakistan" Essays and Research Papers Geo Political Importance Of Pakistan Geopolitical importance of Pakistan Defination:The study of the relationship among politics and geography, demography, and economics, especially with respect to the foreign policy of a nation.

Pakistan occupies a position of great geostrategic importance, bordered by Iran on the west, Afghanistan on the northwest, China on the northeast, India on the east, and the Arabian Sea on the south.

The total land area is estimated at , square kilometers. Instable governments in Pakistan have contributed in weakening the strong position. Only Muslim country with nuclear capability: in the region Pakistan is the only Muslim country having nuclear capability which has great influence on the political, socio-economic activities in the region and the maintenance of status quo in the region.

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